How to Measure a double glazed Window


Most double glazed sealed units in PVCu frames are either 24mm or 28mm thick and wooden frames can be any thickness from 14mm upto 28mm thick. You should be able to check with your supplier for these dimensions. If you purchased the windows/doors a long time ago the information should be on your receipt or warranty.

If you do not have this information to hand then you will have to calculate the measurement yourself. This is tricky but it can be done and you will need a tape measure and a straight edge such as a piece of wood. Firstly measure how thick the PVCu frame/opener is and then place a straight edge against one side of the frame and let it protrude into the area of the glass (as the picture above) . As the straight edge will be flat against the PVCu, it should be floating away from the glass. Measure the gap (A to B) from the glass to the inside of the straight edge and write this down. Do the same with the other side of the frame and note the measurement again. To calculate the thickness of your double glazed sealed unit you would need to deduct these 2 measurements from the thickness of the PVCu frame and you should have a measurement of either 24mm or 28mm.

As an example, the frame that holds the glass is 62mm thick, the A to B gap (as the photo above) of one side is 17mm and the A to B gap of the other side is also 17mm. This gives us a measurement to deduct of 34mm. 34mm deducted from the frame thickness of 62mm is 28mm and this figure is the thickness of the sealed unit in this frame.

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The tips and advice on this page are just a helpful insight into measuring and installing of glass panels. does not accept any responsibility if you are injured or suffer loss - financial or otherwise by following our tips and advice from this page. These tasks should only be undertaken by a competent person that is skilled in DIY and should not be attempted by DIY novices. If you are not a competent person in DIY we advise that you hire a tradesman to undertake your glass measuring and installations. do not accept responsibility for the incorrect measuring of your glass. The only guaranteed way to get accurate glass sizes is to obtain the sizes from the window/door manufacturer at time of purchase.

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