Have you got a broken Patio door or broken glass in a patio door, then we can help. Has the glass broken like a spiders web or has it shattered into a million pieces (Toughened Safety Glass - Laminated Safty Glass)

How can I tell if I have Toughened safety glass or Laminated safety glass?

Toughened safety glass when broken brakes in to thousands of tiny peices just like a car windscreen
Laminated Safety Glass will crack like a spider web,m but will hold togther as ther is a athin membrane in the middle which holds the glass together.

              Toughened Safty Glass                                                      Laminated Safety Glass

Broken Door Toughened Safty Glass                                   laminated Safety Glass

Patio door glass is generally made up of either toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass, and can be either single glazed or double glazed, at braintreeglazier.co.uk we can replace all types of glass with our experianced emergency glaziers which are generally no more then an hour away 

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